The From Scratch Story

Our StorySitting on the kitchen counter sifting, stirring, tasting and chatting to his mother, Joe Gatto grew up loving cooking.

As a teen, Joe caught the filmmaking bug. Captivated by the exploding independent film scene, he made home videos, then, at 20, moved to Berkeley, CA. where he studied acting. Upon returning to Boston a few years later, Joe drew inspiration from bartending and wrote a full-length script called Overserved. The boisterous comedy won several awards on the festival circuit and formed a tight-knit crew including Joe’s future wife, Carey.

Joe and Carey continued working together, got married and moved to L.A. Joe worked for independent producers and for Sony Pictures. Carey earned her Masters at Emerson and assisted a TV talent agent. Joe enjoyed cooking at home and discovered that the more he cooked from scratch, the better it tasted. They hosted legendary dinner parties. Some friends requested that Joe do a cooking class, and Joe gladly obliged.

In 2010, the Gattos’ relocated to Boston with their new son, Benjamin. Always up for a challenge, they both opted to change career paths at the same time. While Carey cultivated a real estate business, Joe cooked at a local restaurant then taught cooking classes. Some clients loved him so much that they hired him as a private chef. The wholesome world of cooking with its emphasis on sharing and family proved a welcome change from the rat race of the L.A. film industry. But, inevitably, the idea arose to merge Joe’s two passions into a cooking show.

Chef Joe developed the From Scratch concept based on his own self-taught path. To break free from recipes and learn to cook creatively, from scratch proved the way to go. In the pilot, Joe made a  BLT by breaking down a pig to make bacon, baking bread and making sriracha mayo from scratch.

Ryan Kavanagh, a friend from Overserved joined the team, and they produced a second episode about pasta, further refining the philosophy and style. Word of the project spread, and Joe found himself appearing at food festivals, on radio shows and even as a speaker for incoming B.U. freshmen. Clearly, demand existed for this show!

Joe’s agent advised him to make a full season for the best chance of network pick-up. This meant an intense production schedule — and a real budget. The team turned to Kickstarter until partnering with an angel investor group. With the funding in place, production began for 6 new shows by October 2015!

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