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5″ Fillet Knife – Carbon


Perfect for removing the bones and skin from fish, meat and poultry!

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Filleting Knife with 5 inch (12.7 cm) 15 gauge (1.8 mm) narrow blade that is expertly taper ground for lasting sharpness and flexibility. Rosewood handle is formed for positive grip and balance. Available in carbon.

About Our Knives

Julia Childs loved carbon knives!

Julia Childs loved carbon knives!

All From Scratch knives are made by R. Murphy Company and are designed and manufactured for long-lasting use and reliability. Our Chef’s Select blades are made from the highest quality carbon steel – valued by professional and home chefs alike. Carbon steel takes the sharpest edge and is unsurpassed in retaining that edge with continual use. Julia Childs loved carbon knives!

Our knives have carbon blades, not stainless, which means they holds their razor edge longer and develops a super cool patina that is individual to each knife. Just like your favorite pair of jeans or baseball glove, they wear in perfectly.

We additionally cryogenically treat our carbon steel blades – a process that extends the edge life even further and provides the longest service between sharpenings. Every blade is truly hand crafted – hardened, tempered to 58 Rockwell, polished and honed. The edge goes through one final process before it leaves the factory, so it comes to you razor sharp!

All our Chef’s Select knives have full tangs with Honduran Rosewood handles. The wooden scales for the handles are shaped and fitted to the steel by skilled craftsmen to provide a comfortable secure grip. A gentle radius where the blade meets the handle provides additional comfort when using the “pinch grip” technique. Before assembly to a full tang, the wood is vacuum infused with an inert acrylic monomer to increase stability and water resistance. The handles and brass rivets are then polished manually – enhancing the smoothness and beauty of the wood. All our handles are sized and shaped to compliment the blades and cooking tasks. You will appreciate this quality and workmanship every time you prepare food. These are beautiful knives! Please see our “Knife Care” page on how to maintain your knives.


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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 x 1 x 1 in


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